About Cactus Bear Design

Cactus Bear: a prickly, yet cuddly, entity.  It dwells in the deserts of the west, and uses it’s surroundings to draw it’s imagination.  

Who we are: 

Cactus Bear Design is a full-service boutique design agency specializing in Illustration, Branding, Photography, Print, Web, and Product Design.

We run a tight ship and this means we can offer a service that is one-on-one and dedicated to your company/brand.  Your design won’t be juggled around by different designers; one designer will be assigned to your specific needs.

We specialize in branding, hand crafted illustrations to emphasize your company, marketing material packages, web design, photography, and copywriting. Our work is unique, fresh, and handmade (everything starts from a sketch done with pencil and paper).

Why Cactus Bear?

Affordable rates: we believe that good design should be accessible to anyone, and are willing to work through different pricing plans depending on your needs. 

You will work directly with the Owner and Creative Director/Senior Designer. Her name is Lynn, and she not only loves what she does, but wants to cater to your business needs and help your company flourish!

We’re flexible: In a small design firm it is easier to fulfill demanding needs in a short amount of time.

Just give us a ring: A tight roster means lots of personal attention for you and your project.
Check out Cactus Bear's portfolio and latest small business design and branding projects.

At Cactus Bear we strive for the best in our designs and thrive on crafting unique, successful imagery for all your marketing needs.